Dec 29, 2010


Where are you my friend named Peace
Sometimes this little world becomes so quietly scary

Do you know what I need...

I need a smile coming deep down from a concerned friend
I need a pat on my back to know that I am recognised
I need a concern to know that I am not alone
I need a simple dinner with my beloved friends which everyone is doing
I need a carefree day without any emotional worries
I need to be to see my family before it becomes too late
I need a little encouragement to know that I am not lousy
I need understanding without speaking

Sep 13, 2010

Simple theory...But we might all have forgotten.

Daddy and Mummy once said to their kid : "If you get top 5 in class, Mummy will bring you for a overseas holidays."

So the kid studied hard to be the best. Knowing that she is not the best in class, but she strive to do her very best.

And yes, Daddy and Mummy brings you for a holiday to Indonesia. Nearby. Indonesia is nearby. Even if it is nearby, but that is the reward that you worked for. And the kid knows its not easy for her family to afford it. When eating out even in a coffeeshop is already expensive.

But imagine if the kid don't have to work for it anymore and get the trips just as well. Do you think it is as memorable?

Everything that Daddy and Mummy buys, was a reward. A new schoolbag. A new pencil case. With is so simple, yet it was based on terms that the kid work for it.

Then, Daddy and Mummy was the "money" to get you things you worked for.

Now, The theory is the same.

Because you work for it. Simply that. Not hard to understand.

Sometimes even if we have grown up. The basic theory still exist. The basic that Daddy and Mummy onces said to the kid. "You want to get something. You work for it."

Yet, its not simple to understand.

Emotional Value

Remember the feeling when you work your ass off to afford your first Braun Buffel wallet.
Remember the feeling when you work 2 years just to save up for the future and blow it all over in 1 trip to London.
Remember how hard it was to depart with a hundred dollars for the wallet and how heartpain to blow off all your 2 years savings for a trip to London.

Yet, it was memorable. Because these things are hard earned. And you made it. Though the value of the money is low as compared to current situation, yet, the value was so great.

Remember the first watch after working a year to afford it. That, was sense of acheivement.
Remember the second watch on your 23rd birthday. That, was a birthday gift for your own achievement. A reward. To be able to afford one that you like.
The first bag was of that value just as well.

Subseqently, all that follows lost its value. Not the value of the money. Yet, the emotional value. All that follows lose the emotional value. They don't mean as more anymore.

A bag is just like a bag. A bag to contain your stuff.
No longer a bag that was worth the sense of achievement and reward to myself.

Emotional value is when you know its worth. Emotional value is when you know the value in which this amout could do for yourself.

Emotional value is when it buys happiness. True happiness, simple little thing called happiness.

Simple little thing of knowing someone likes it. Simple thing of knowing that it makes a difference in someone's life. Simple thing of knowing it could possibly transform someone elses life. Simple thing that we all have, but some people will never have. Like a year of education. Like a pencil.

This give you a sense of inner happiness. To know that someone out there, appreciates this little things that might mean nothing to you, but mean a little difference to them. A year of education to us might not get us anywhere. But a year of education to others means the basic means of literacy. Literacy that could possibly lead them to a better life.

This is when the money works its wonder, not for you, but for others. And in return, this brings out its emotional value. The value of being able to achieve someone else's little dream, someone else's little smile.

Monetry value last only so much. But when you know, others benefits from it. When you know this could help mould a kids future, be it your own flesh or others less priviledge. When you know it could provide a shelter for others.

This is its real value. A sense of achievement. When you know, what you worked your ass off for, and how much worth it brings for working so hard for.

Sep 4, 2010


解脱- A Mei

"解脱 是懂擦干泪看以后 找个新方向往前走
这世界辽阔 我总会实现一个梦


~ A Mei - 解脱







Jul 14, 2010

Feeling like winter in Summer

God knows what is troubling that confused and sad mind...
Only god knows because she doesn't know what is bothering that usual independent girl...when typing a blog feels like the tears are stuck behind the eyes.

Feel like crying but not sure what she's crying for.

Feeling useless, feeling definately less independent, feeling like a job didn't land on her hands like it should really be, feeling moody of her mood swings...One moment smiling and one moment worth smiling, she feels the opposite. Why does she feel like a breakup with herself?

Reading self help book is perhaps a sign that life needs some rectification and correction. Its time you need a book to remind yourself to buck up, and everything is not gonna matter one year down the road, so why bother getting all stressed about it. When you need a book to remind you that "snowball" effect of thoughts is really unhealthy and wasting alot of time stressing over it...

Buck up. Just Buck Up...Everyday...It will be ok...Someday, Someday...Someday winter would be over...

Jul 9, 2010

Dreaming of an Italian holiday

Well well, she still prefers European holidays over Asian-never-ending-shopping holidays...

She loves watching architecture, culture, history and.....and just a little shopping will do because its nothing too unique. You can do it back home too :)

Oh well...Should apply leave soon. Tentatively would be just herself on this trip unless someone pops up to join her.

This time, unlike London and Frankfurt, she wants to spend a fruitful air ticket and get travelling around in trains, which she always fear...And visit many places...

Rome, Florence, Venice, and if possible to squeeze in Amalfi, Naples in that short 11-12 days trip...she wants to see the blue and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea...Though Southern part of Italy like Sicily would be god damn perfect but guessed it might be alitle chilly to visit near the end of the year...Oh well, leave those pretty Medditerranean places for future honeymoon, if it ever happens. Haha, and also the lavender fields would be one place on earth worth visiting :)

Just throw me beautiful scenery on the train, bicycle or a cute little vespa scooter...She'll be a damn happy girl...and a memory to last for a long long time...

Jun 30, 2010

The flying chairs

She feels like she have been sitting on this flying chair for a long long time...
So long that she no longer feels the freedom, feels the wind in her hair, feels the amazing scenery.
But rather, she feels the bar holding her in the seat, feels the distance of the her flying chair to the next flying chair, feels the monotonous ride...

All that freedom and all that happiness is only so much without being able to collide and have a laugh, without being able to hold the next chair, without being able to talk to your friend flying on the next chair...